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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Official: PLDT MyDSL Sucks!

PLDT MyDSL internet service sucks! Its official.

Normally, when i get my connection back after a long wait, I usually lose the urge to write about my agonizing wait. But I guess it has happened one hundred critical times too many to just let go this time.

My supposedly unlimited up-to-384kbps 999/mo dsl connection always gets cut at various times during the day. Most often, my dsl modem actually APPEARS to be connected, but there never really is any data coming through the connection. It just says I am connected, and i have an IP address assigned to me. Other times, the connection is just simply cut. No connection, no IP, just a log-ful of attempts at automatic reconnection. Other times, the DSL line is actually down. I don't know what that means on the server side of things, but basically that means the DSL led light on my modem isnt lit, which of course also makes it impossible to connect. And they really tend to pick a time when I REALLY need my connection, thats when I get that-page-in-your-browser-thats-full-of-unformatted-text -which-means-you-have-no-connection (aka No Page to Display).

And when my connection, IS on, it almost never actually gets to 356kbps. Download speeds go at only 10-15kBps... which translates to about 80-120kbps.... far from the supposed 256kbps the connection was supposed to be about, and much farther from the up-to-384kbps it was supposed to reach. And no, this doesnt improve when its 3am or any other supposedly lower-usage times during the day. For a test of bandwidth, just do a search for 'bandwidth test' and it will return a load of sites which give you an approximation of your bandwidth, for free! Mine usually clocks in around 110-120kbps.

And for some reason, the connection will almost always get cut sometime around 6am. Which takes up the next couple of minutes just getting to reconnect (sometimes it takes more than just a couple minutes). This might be some maintenance thing, but i dunno. Still sucks! Looks like they're loading up on subscribers, much more than their infrastructure will be able to reasonably support. Guess this is how they churn up their record profits! Somebody say, 'Is your game MVP like Steve Nash?'

While I'm at this,
18-june-2006 22:04:45
U can now use the Globe UNLIMITXT Service....1 day/s! blah blah blah
19-june-2006 15:57:31
Natigil na ang iyong Globe UNLIMITXT. blah blah blah

I can count. Sounds like a little under 18hours of UNLIMITXT to me! I guess im a little too poor if i have to rant about 6hours worth of unlimitext. But a deal is a deal. I wanna get what I bargained for.

And we thought only the public sector was ripping us off!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

want something to piss you off more? PLDT actually limits your bandwidth if they think youve had enough for a defined (i dont know what) period of time. follow this link:

Why would do this considering that they control HALF of the broadband infrastructure in the country? Maybe they put in more profits first (new subscribers) before making sure their current ones are happy. (aggressive ads, that poseur kid on the commercials) another reason to distrust the media

10:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PLDT sucks. They have been overcharging me. You know the Guild Wars promo last year? I availed it last March 27, 2006. It’s supposed to be charging me for 1 year only but until now they’re still billing me with that!

Another thing is I lost connection from July 23, 2007 to August 2, 2007 and it’s their fault because they already told us that the error was on their side (Loss of configuration or something like that). They told me that they will give me a rebate… but my billing came and they didn’t even deduct it!

I’ve been complaining to PLDT every year for 6 years already. I’m a PLDT myDSL Professional subscriber since 2001. That’s 3000 a month and they still have crap service.

PLDT sucks I wish I could bomb the corrupt people there.

oh and another thing… yeah i’m using the professional package… but my speed is just the same as their plan 999. sucks.

5:43 PM


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