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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

And the Underground goes, Chooo-Choooo!! (updated)

The Administration is still at it!

In keeping with its usual policy of appearing to be confident about its position, whilst launching an off-the-record battle to "win" or convert its detractors with who-knows-what juicy offers (or maybe, for some, just blatant threats), they have now quite successfully gotten a host of personalities to "see the light" (see things their way; speak things their way); in order of relative recency:

[update 1-DEC-05]-----
Archbishop Rosales received a 1Million Peso donation from President Arroyo less than a month after the CBCP issued its Sobriety stand in July. Sorry i couldnt find the story posted on, but its on the front page of today's (Dec.1,2005) Inquirer.
[end of update]-------

1. Pimentel - The Senate Minority Leader is now backing the administration in its bid for Charter Change through a Constituent Assembly. Malacanang is even hoping that more senators do the same.

2. Juan Ponce Enrile - Switched sides. Got a deal with the Environment Bureau where he got a permit to restart logging operations in Samar.

3. The Administration/ConCom has also been dangling offers to the business sector, as well as political leaders in Visayas and Mindanao, to get their support for the change in charter. Something for everyone! yum!

4. T.Sgt.Doble

5. Just learned from this article that Archbishops Vidal and Capalla - current and former leaders of the CBCP, were summoned for dinner at Malacanang just a few nights before the CBCP issued its July statement. That statement, calling for "sobriety", was widely believed to have taken a lot of heat off the administration.

With the opposition being threatened with a tell-all from the newly resurrected Garci, lets see if Pimentel will hold on to that #1 spot for long. I get the feeling I'll have to update this particular entry sometime soon. [personally, i think we should put all cheats, administration and opposition, in a boiling cauldron and have them fed to the poor and the hungry. but thats just me...]

I'm sure to have missed out on a lot of names. Just picking these from my memory. Pls post a comment so these can be more complete.

I have to wonder what the AFP supposedly "found out" as a result of its internal investigation (which has just been concluded) on the contents of the Hello Garci tapes, which tagged some high ranking military officials in aiding the cheating operations during the May 2004 elections. I have to doubt if they can come up with anything relevant or even minutely resembling the truth.

The Black & White Movement today put out an ad for some gathering on the 30th of November. I just hope this movement succeeds where the Opposition has failed--cleaning up its own ranks. I dont know much about the convenors of the movement. But I sure hope they dont have their own Jinggoy's or Imee's.

On the lighter side of the news, Mozilla's internet brower, Firefox, is getting an overhaul! Not that I'm unhappy with the current one. (I'm not!) But improvement is always good. Best features it currently has are the built in customizable search engines (much better than any IE toolbar you can get), tabbed browsing, and the built-in RSS feed catcher! What will they think about next?


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