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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Oldies but NOT Goodies

Today's Inquirer banner reads:
'Hello Garci' scandal closed book - Palace

Yeah, right! Hell no! She did wrong, and everyone knows it. But whats interesting is this: my mom reads the same article and quips: "Dapat lang na isara na yan, ang gulo-gulo lang nila!" (roughly translates to: "Hell, yeah! It's about time! Them good for nothings have created nothing but a huge mess!")

I find it very hard to accept things like this, but I noticed it is mostly the older people who think like this. I say we raise hell just to find out what really happened. All the oldies want is to live out the rest of their life in peace, just enjoy it. But as for me, I have practically my entire life still ahead of me (granting this political episode doesn't substantially shorten my life expectancy). I think it will be very hard NOW, but in the long run fighting it out will reap better rewards. The problem is that the oldies simply have nothing to gain by fighting it out, so they see no point in doing so. Let's face it, the oldies may not be around for the "long run."

If only they can look past their own generation.


Blogger May_Topak said...

I say we raise hell just to find out what really happened.

Hear, hear! :)

10:27 AM

Blogger Gray said...

im all for it! i hope the youth keep their personal fire burning. is it any wonder that the most vocal congressional advocates of justice are the so called young blood?

2:33 PM

Blogger May_Topak said...

to be honest, i am (quite pleasantly) surprised. somewhere along the way, the oldies must have done something right even without their meaning to. siguro sa sobrang apathetic o jaded ng older generation, o sobrang dumi talaga ng mga trapo, the young just get turned off. but remember, these trapos were once young and claimed to be idealistic, too. sana ang kabataan sa kongreso ngayon ay hindi mapunta sa ganun.

hala, sige. sulat lang ng sulat! :)

11:46 PM


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