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Friday, November 25, 2005

The Return of the Peso, The Garci, and The Brenda

Looks like the Philippine Peso is making some headway after months of taking a beating. Its good, although not unexpected, especially with regard to the number of OFW's the Philippines is fielding. With Christmas just around the corner, they will be remitting more in the coming weeks. The highs that the dollar reached against the peso in the previous months have been an added incentive too. With the improved remittance services being offered by the financial sector, more and more of them are coursing their money through the formal channels, which in turn makes the banks awash with cash. so yay! interest rates are down and the bsp sees no need to borrow further (and is even contemplating not pushing through with the remaining scheduled tbill auctions!) GMA seems to be having a field day with the developments though, but I dont give her credit. The OFW's are doing the work. [update:Go Figure doesn't give credit to the Government either. Read his entry: The Peso's Recent Surge]
But look who's trumpeting the success of the RVAT now? Anyone remember how she tried to backtrack on the implementation of the RVAT when she was threatened? Trying to put herself in between she could claim "i told you so" whichever way the economy goes.

I was apalled to read a newspaper article that Miriam might become a Chief Justice. I didnt know that the Chief Justice is himself a nominate. Thought you get nominated to become a justice, but who becomes chief is settled by the justices. But anyway, pardon my ignorance. Worse, Sen. Pangilinan, himself a member of the JBC, planned to extend the nomination deadline just to accommodate Santiago. (The JBC has today published those to be interviewed for the position: Quisimbing, Panganiban, & Puno. Try watching the interviews Dec1&2 if you can. Its supposedly public.) I do have serious concerns as to what Wisdom and Justice this woman will bring to the land's highest court. But *sigh of relief*, the JBC has voted against accommodating her late nomination.

Archbishop Rosales basically tells us to wait until Jesus comes to judge GMA. Well, we've been waiting for more than two thousand years. A lot of evil has happened, great evils indeed, and i doubt Christ will come just to unleash lighting upon those who do injustice. At least not anytime soon. The archbishop's words:
I'm not taking sides. To me, whether or not there is a problem, a war, or someone lied, cheated or stole, let's put that aside.

Now, is this our archbishop speaking? Seems like more and more religious are keeping their eyes and ears closed (like Capalla). The church has, since the start of this crisis, never unanimously and conclusively provided any guidance. Only sporadic declarations here and there. Prudence, or vested interests? Its anyone's guess.
Lets be positive; let us stress what good the people do

No doubt we need to keep a balanced eye nowadays on practically everything thrown at us. But what concerns me is that the quote above sounds too much like the "winner" mantra of some lady who was lecturing the media a few weeks back.

I dont like the way some people are turning the Subic rape case into a battle of female against male, with the prosecution fielding an all-female team and the defense fielding the opposite. I am sure men find rape just as oppressive as women find it. Maybe its just me, maybe it's just a coincidence.

Newsweek has an article about the growing changes towards global feminine empowerment. (sorry, I can't remember the title nor the author.) It had practically every recent development from Merkel to Johnson-Sirleaf to support its thesis. No Arroyo.

And now.... To the all-important issue of:
The Return of the Garci

The administration is once again poised to bring upon us its favorite mantra of "following the rule of law." The stage has been set for Garci's reappearance. Just a week more of waiting for the administration to iron out the creases. And as usual, to make sure it doesnt create too big a stir, they have the Speaker-in-Waiting Rep. Pitchay to announce his return, ala trial balloon. If things get too bad before the big show, Garci could always keep hiding "because of safety concerns." But anyway, when he does reappear, there will be a congressional inquiry since they have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. But wait, just when you thought you might be getting the truth out of this, you remember that the sharp and jagged committee heads have all been "filed" so that it wont hurt too much when the inquiry pretends to "bite". I can just imagine when the smirking Garcilliano reads out his line: "Ouch!" Oh, Pitchay says that Garci has come up with a book too. Anyway, lets just watch the show the administration puts on for all of us. Manolo Quezon sees perfect timing in the development of these events. Especially with Christmas very close and the impending change in CBCP leadership.


Blogger Rizalist said...

I never liked Rosales. Not from the very beginning. I think he also headed up the commission set up by cbcp to deal with the
"Bishop induced population explosion" a few years back. He came up with the two children you're out policy. But one child is okay, because you maybe didn't know that would happen. Ha! Might've something to do with his discovery that the Catholic Church is nothing without the Gambling Lords.

10:33 PM

Blogger Gray said...

Well, as Archbishop Capalla would say: It doesnt matter where the money came from, as long as it is used for the benefit of the poor.

Or something like that. I don't know where these bishops take their cue, but i think it has something to do, as well, with the current Pope's stand regarding the church's involvement in political matters. Ratzinger is sure shaking up what Pope JP II left. The latest of which was his ban on gay seminarians. I have yet to form an opinion on that.

11:03 PM


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